Wednesday 28 November 2007

Are you ironman enough?

Ironband release 1 is out (actually a few days ago now). I don't normally announce Angband variant or roguelike releases. There's a couple of other places that track them better (Rogue Basin,, and Temple of the Roguelike has started to as well), and I'm working on the competition.

The reason I'm talking about this release, is that I've mentioned Ironband on this blog before. And I've also argued for one of its central mechanics: getting rid of classes and skills. That's right. Ironband has neither. How does it work? Well, you'll have to download it to find out.

Announcement (via's looking glass), source, windows. Once you start playing, you can compare your progress to other people on the Ironband ladder hosted at Looks like there's already a winning character up there.

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Antoine said...

Incidentally, Andrew, did you know I took your suggestion for the last-but-one boss in Ironband?