Saturday 3 November 2007

The Magical Bag dialogs - part I

This is a follow-up to the Mushroom Dialogs, posted earlier. I've received feedback that magical bags are a little hard to understand. I've also been researching why people are too busy to play Unangband. The two got a little intermingled...

=== A Crumpled up Note ===

Ah, so you've found a magical bag. These are one of the most
useful objects you can have in a dungeon, because they let you
carry virtually an unlimited amount of items in them, without
getting any heavier than they already are.

Each magical bag has twenty pockets or so, and each pocket is
designed for one kind of item. So you might find magical
bags for various kinds of wands, or useful supplies, or scrolls
and so on. The bag will automatically swallow any such items
that you have in your inventory or which you pick up.

To see what you have in a bag, just inspect or examine it, just
as you would any other item. And to use the contents of a bag,
just select the bag when you would any other item.

Good luck with your new find,


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