Wednesday 7 November 2007

Poll results for 'What's your favourite tactic for starting a new game?'; new poll

Poll results for 'What's your favourite tactic for starting a new game?' were:

Dive, dive, dive
5 (13%)
Slow and steady, character level * 2== max(dungeon depth)
17 (45%)
Ironman on, shopping is for wimps
1 (2%)
Restart until the stores stock Phase Door and a Wand of Magic Missiles
1 (2%)
The current level has to be clear, damnit, I mean spotless
16 (43%)
Detect monsters for that out of depth kill with flasks of oil
4 (10%)
Stair scum until I find Ringil on the ground on level 1
1 (2%)
Beat up singing drunks for money until I can afford those Boots of Speed in the Blackmarket
4 (10%)
Ctrl-A, e, 100,000 XP please
3 (8%)

Although this was a multiple choice poll, and you could have provided several responses, the majority of the 37 respondents choose not to.

Next up: 'What kills your characters the most?'. This is a bit more Angband specific - feel free to choose the closest approximation from your favourite roguelike, or select the other category and explain in the comments section.


tormodh said...

I checked "keyboard buffer" and "after midnight". Missed "Greed and Overconfidence" - but I guess the two aforementioned choices are the excuses I use when the latter are the reason for death... :)

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

Fang seems to be my bane.