Sunday 18 November 2007

Vs mode

I've just discovered the game critical geek overload that is Vs mode. Or at least, I discovered it yesterday courtesy of a link in GameSetWatch to a You Tube based screenings of the Meta Game and have only begun to surface my head from drinking from its depths.

There's probably a good half a day worth of reading in that first link, so steady yourself before you jump in.

And when you come back, feel free to share your 'most profoundly moving' moment in gaming here.

For me: the head camp bombing of the refugee encampment in Half-Life 2. Suddenly I wasn't in a game, I was in Halabjah, and people around me were dying. And there was nothing I could do so save them.

(If you can't remember it, it was one of those blink and you missed it moments of greatness in that game, towards the end of the Route Kanal chapter).

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