Tuesday 6 November 2007


A few people commented on the wip7b change release notes, that I appear to be moving towards Nethack in the kinds of features that I am implementing. That preempted an announcement I was planning to make, which is the Unangband conduct system. I'll be implementing the following conducts in the next version of Unangband:

  • Fly - The only food or drink you may eat must be produced by you vomiting on corpses.
  • Basejumper - As per ironman, but you must jump in all chasms you can find. Note that this includes the roofs of all towers.
  • Prince Charming - Start with 100 social class. You may not use the wield or take-off commands.
  • Itchy - You may only kill cats.
  • Lepidopterist - You may only kill monsters by using alcohol
  • "Have ya paid your dues, Jack?" - Start as a non-specialist warrior. Only use a thrown knife or unarmed combat to kill monsters. The only magical devices (rods, staffs, wands) you may use must be from a Six Demon bag.
Note that with the exception of "Have ya paid your dues, Jack?", these are not mutually exclusive, and should all be achievable with a winning character.

Any other suggestions?

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Mikolaj said...

I must still be dreaming.