Saturday 3 November 2007

The Magical Bag dialogs - part IV

Please start with part one, then part two, part three and before those, unless you've read them, the Mushroom Dialogs.

=== A Malicious Scandal Sheet ===

Rumour has it that the so-called 'wizards of the magical
bage company' are a front for a foreign outfit called
variously Valve or Appeture Science or some other such
nonsense. While their product seems good, I had a close
shave with an apparition who only called himself the G-man
after endeavouring to put my head through the entrance of
one of these bags. I therefore recommend that you keep
limbs, heads, and other body parts well clear until I can
investigate further.

I am using some of Mr. Maggots slimming and digestive
mushrooms to lose the additional pounds required to fit
myself through one of these Portals. While the effects
are unpleasant and similar to those potions of Salt
Water, but from both ends, I am sure that I'll be able
to make it through in a few days. Wish me luck.

- M.B.

PS: Is there any credence to the 'Please report any crashes
with magical bags' notes I keep finding?


Andrew Doull said...

I'm making Mr M.B. sound more like a kender than a hobbit...

Gavin said...

Funny.. I did an svn update this morning and noticed those txt files. Had a quick read and found some minor inconsistencies. Came here to see if maybe I could post a diff and.... well there's post's about it!

Anyway, All I was doing was 'standardising' on the use of bag bage and bagge. I think maybe all the old-timey talk should use bagge ?


Mikolaj said...

I guess one of the peculiarities of the old spelling was lack of consistency. You know, the guys were using Latin all the time and just trying, everybody his own way, to write down English in an understandable way.

BTW, I like the texts a lot, especially this one, but I guess the second or third time I read it, more so if I happen to munch a cookie while playing, I will find "both ends" a bit too much. Salt Water is subtle and funny and rough just right.

Andrew Doull said...

The spllin is dileberately all ofer the plaec cus myne is two...

If you do want to patch it, get an account on, let me know the details, and I can give you SVN access. But, Mikolaj is right - the inconsistency is deliberate.