Tuesday 27 November 2007

The occasional webcomic update

I try not to mention web comics too often. I mean other than Concerned (which is no longer running) and xkcd. But trawling through someone else's blog, I came across a link to Dinosaur Comics, which is a good read if only because its another great example of web comics being a medium of ideas if not necessarily art.

Dinosaur Comics is environmentally friendly. In that the art is recycled. For. Every. Single. Comic.

Pure genius.

On a related note, does anyone have good suggestions for online graphic novels? I mean to read, as opposed to to write.

(Feed is here).

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Aron Murray said...

Phils Girl Genius is the best i've found.

I'm also reading Looking for Group which is getting fairly graphic novel like as it pulls away from being WoW parody.

I'd love to find some more.