Tuesday 27 November 2007

Google Reader Australis

I would like to point out that while I raved about Google Reader in a recent post, I've just discovered the down side. Or at least the downside of living in Australia.

It's not so much of a case of you northern hemisphere types vs. us southern hemisphere types (which is what I can blame my lack of productivity in the NaNoWriMo, as we had superb weather yesterday - luckily today is properly rainy). It's you east of the Pacific Ocean timezones vs. west of the Pacific Ocean time zones.

I would have read maybe 10-15 articles yesterday in reader, during the day. And then I get up this morning and have to go through 100+ of the damn things, due to the beavering away of the Western hemisphere game industry journalism machines during our night. I can see the supposed 'time-efficiency wins' I talked about being eroded quickly by the necessity of getting up an hour earlier just to read everything. I mean, I still have 20 tabs open from where the article didn't have quite enough information shown in Reader, and I've been doing this for 45 minutes already.

[Edit: Blogspot is a little time-zone impaired. It was 8:15 am when I posted this.]


Unknown said...

I spend 2 hours every day reading my subscriptions with Google Reader.

Unknown said...

Easy fix, man. Don't subscribe to everything :) Also even if you do, just skim the headlines; don't try to read everything. Most of stuff is garbage, anyway.