Thursday 8 November 2007

Homebrew roguelikes on the Nintendo DS

@ play - John Harris' column on rogulikes has been a little quiet recently. To make up for it, he's just put up a guide to getting three different roguelikes running on the Nintendo DS - Powder, Nethack and Crawl. As a proud DS owner, I'd like to have an Angband variant to add that list. I suspect FAAngband will be the first to successfully make the jump, given the amount of effort Nick McConnell has put into designing a stylus-based user interface. Nick, any chance of a DS port?

[Edit] The sad story of the last Angband DS port is here for those curious.


Nick said...

Well, a DS port is certainly on my list - it's the length of the list that's the problem. There's also the question of how to best use the screens - top screen for map and bottom for control, or bottom for map and control, and top for extra info (inventory, etc)?

Orillian said...

Nick: I'll be keeping an eye out for any Angband DS port you make. Angband has been my all time favorite roguelike, and to finally see it on the DS would be sweet.