Friday 30 November 2007

Shame on you Ian Livingstone

I thought you were bad, I just didn't realise you were this bad...

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Kleedrac said...

This is why I believe reviews have ended their usefulness on the internet & other media. In short a reviewer's coments only hold weight if you as an individual, and the critic in question, have the same taste. You may think all roguelikes deserve a one star or 20% or whatever but if you're looking at the graphics and I'm looking at the depth we will completely disagree! Roger Ebert consistently gives movies I love a great deal (for whatever reason) a thumbs down. Does that mean I have bad taste in movies? Of course not, no one can have "bad" taste ... there's no such thing ... everyone just has different tastes. And thank god! If only the majority got their wishes in the art world we'd only have pr0n ;) Well pr0n, or chick flicks, or comedy ... it doesn't matter ... art is art! Variety is wonderful!! There's a reason both coke and pepsi still exist (as for RC Cola I'm still not sure about that one ... mebbe it's used in cooking meth?!) Anyhow, to sum up, if this advertising fiasco (and the several that will most likely follow in years to come) are the final nail in game/movie/book/art reviews I say good riddance to an entirely flawed system and look forward to more demoes/trials/better previews/longer sample chapters/etc where us as an audience can get a better taste FOR OURSELVES because that's what matters in the end!

Just my 2 copper ;)