Sunday 25 November 2007

Reviewers wanted

While I'm working on other things, I thought I'd ask if anyone was interested in reviewing Unangband. A few of you have spoken positively about the variant, but I 'd like an overview if possible for someone coming to either here or the Unangband home page to get a 'feel' for how the game plays out, without necessarily having to download it themselves. It doesn't have to be all positive - feel free to point out any problems, flaws, quirks or just plain trash the whole game if you feel like it.

Either write the review on your own website, and put a link in the comments section below, or send me a copy of the review and give me permission to host it on your behalf. I'll accept most document formats, but I'll be changing the format to html if at all possible (e.g. if you send me a word document or PDF). My email address is on the splash screen when you start the game.

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